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We have 2 shipments per week from the USA!

13 Aug 2019,

Hurray, you've waited for it for so long!

Parcels from USA will now be send 2 times a week!

Every Monday and Thursday a batch of parcels will be sent from the USA to Moldova!


  • In order for a parcel to be sent Monday, it's necessary to create an outgoing parcel in usual order until 13:00 Monday;
  • Receipt of parcels is Friday;
  • To send a parcel Thursday, create an outgoing parcel until Thursday 24:00;
  • Receipt of parcels is Tuesday/Wednesday (next week).

We recommend using "Auto-sending parcels", this option will help your parcel not to be late for the sending day from the USA to Moldova.

You can activate the option both when adding an expected order using "Mail Forwarding" section or in the  "Account settings".

If you have any questions, you can always contact our cutomers support.

We wish you pleasant shopping with BayShop!


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