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Recommend to friends and get $ 3 on account and 8% of the cost of delivery

Recommend to friends and get $ 3 on account and 8% of the cost of delivery
16 Jul 2019

Recommend BAYSHOP to your friends and get $ 3 to your account and 8% of the cost of delivery!

When we share something good, it comes back to us tenfold. Tell your friends about a convenient, fast and profitable method of delivery with BAYSHOP and get not only +1 in your karma, but also +3 dollars to your account.

Friends will thank you for the information and bonus!

It's very easy to do this:
1. Post on your page a link for the invitation https://bayshop.com/m9915849ref or send to a friend in a personal message.
2. Anyone who registers via this link and completes a package will receive a $ 3 bonus on shipping charges.
3. You will receive $ 3 to your account for each friend's package on your recommendation.
4. For each parcel received by invited people, 8% of the cost of international delivery is charged to your balance.
5. You will see the list of people following the link in the statistics section of your profile.

Every 7 days you will be able to send them automatic reminders, motivating to order, thereby increasing your bonuses.

Take advantage of the chance to build your network of referrals and save significantly on paying for your packages.

Do good and get a deserved reward! It is profitable and easy!

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