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Where and how to order a smart watch? Selection and instruction.

Where and how to order a smart watch? Selection and instruction.
24 Mar 2021

All sports enthusiasts, not to mention professionals, know how much the effectiveness of training with a fitness watch increases. In addition to practical help, the watch adds motivation - every day you ask yourself the question: “Can I do even more tomorrow?”.

When planning to buy yourself such an assistant, use the advice and services of BayShop. The cost of smartwatches in the United States is much lower than in local stores, and periodic discounts make it possible to become the owner of an excellent gadget for minimal money.
We share a selection of the best online stores with ordering instructions.

Apple Watch - In addition to making your iPhone more comfortable, Apple Watch will measure your workout metrics, track activity, and inspire you to improve. You can order at NewEggbhphotovideowalmartamazon

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Another popular smartwatch maker is Samsung. The Gear G3 is as functional as the Apple Watch: you can view mail messages, switch music, follow the news and keep fit. You don't need to have a Samsung device to use the watch. You can order on the official website, in hypermarkets or on Amazon

Garmin is one of the world's leading smart gadgets. Beyond the basic features we've come to expect from a smartwatch, Garmin stands out for its longer battery life. On the official website of the manufacturer, dozens of successful models are presented that perfectly fulfill their functions. You can order at www.garmin.comamazon

For fans of the FitBit brand, the Fitbit Versa will be the best option. The watch keeps track of kilometers traveled, calories burned and active minutes. Memory capacity 4 GB, 2.5 GB of which are available for music. You can also buy on websites with electronics and the official website.

Polar is another popular smartwatch brand with the most accurate heart rate technology. You can buy on the sites walmart, amazonheartratemonitorsusa.

You can order in two ways: By yourself, specifying the address of the BayShop warehouse in the USA as delivery. Or use the “Buy-by-link” service, transferring all the worries about the purchase to our employees. If something is not clear, please contact us, we will tell you about everything in detail and help.

If you want to know more about the ordering process, visit our website.

If you have any more questions, write to us in the messenger or call 022 999 321.

Enjoy your shopping!


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