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New service "Personal address in the USA"

New service
21 Dec 2021

Dear friends, you already know about the advantages of ordering goods from the USA to the address of the BayShop warehouse - this is the most profitable opportunity to get everything you want.

However, some stores do not ship goods to the Bussines address, including the BayShop warehouse address, requiring a personal US address (Residential address).

There are many such stores, among them - Best Buy, Dell, Apple, Columbia, Under armor, Tiffany & Co, Calvin Klein, Target, Cabelas, Guess and other popular brands.

To make it possible for you to order in these stores on your own, we have added a new service “Personal address”. With its help, you will be able to make purchases without resorting to the “Order by Link” service, simply by indicating a new address on the websites. Service cost - $ 20 per parcel from one store.

If the store does not accept payment from your card, place an order using the "Order by link" service. There is always an opportunity to buy goods of your favorite brands!

If you have any questions, write to the chat, we will help you figure it out.


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