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Payment and account replenishment

Pay with card Visa/MasterCard
Card payment is one of the fastest payment methods for our services, because you can use it directly from your computer or smartphone. You can do this as follows. You have to fill in the following fields in the payment form, using your card information:
  • card number
  • expiration date (month, year)
  • holder’s name
  • postal code
  • city
  • Billing address
  • CVC

BayShop offers you the following card payment methods, using Visa/MasterCard:

Method I

This payment method works only for euros and dollars and doesn’t carry out payments in pounds. There is a transfer limit for this method, established by Moldova Agroindbank.

Method II

This method is called 1st payment method and it is carried out by 1st payment processing center. It’s one of the most reliable payment methods.The particularity of this method is following: only the given method works for British pounds. The transfer limit is $1000 for one transaction.
Payment via PayPal
PayPal is the fastest payment method. The payment for our services is carried out in dollars. PayPal commission is 4.5% + 0.4$
  • Register PayPal account and connect it to your bank card
  • When paying for orders or shipping you’ll be redirected to PayPal website. Login and click “Pay Now”
  • The amount needed will be deducted from your card
Pay with electronic payment system Webmoney
Our service BayShop offers the electronic payment system Webmoney as one of the payment methods. This system gives the possibility to choose the currency for payment.

In order to use it, you have to register Webmoney purse, every purse type corresponds to the particular currency. For example, WME corresponds to euros and WMZ to dollars. This payment method works only for euros and dollars and doesn’t carry out payments in pounds.

This system provides a variety of ways to replenish the purses, for example, by the bank transfer through any commercial bank in Moldova, also via the terminal or Webmoney exchange office. The advantages of Webmoney: the lowest dollar rate, the immediate money transfer to your account and the high transfer limit. You can also customize the operation limits, so, this payment method is very convenient.
Pay with electronic payment system WalletOne
It is one of the most convenient and fast payment methods, proposed by our service. Use your WalletOne account by means of your computer or smartphone. There is also a possibility to pay by e-mail, by your telephone number, by SWIFT system, by cads VISA and MasterCard, via money transfer systems, etc. This payment method works only for euros and dollars and doesn’t carry out payments in pounds.
Pay in cash via Bpay Terminal

Terminal payment method was changed:

  1. Access section "Account replenishment";
  2. Choose last payment method "Cash in terminal";
  3. Enter necessary replenishment amount;
  4. Click "Replenish your account" button.

Your one-time payment code and the required payment amount(which must be paid cash in moldovan lei) will be displayed on the screen (code can be used for 3 days).

You need to find BayShop option on the terminal screen (in “Servicii financiare” section, 2nd page), enter your code, generated earlier on our site, pay required amount and complete the payment.

Through the terminal you add necessary amount in lei, and the balance of your account on BAYSHOP.COM will be automatically replenished with equivalent amount in foreign currency, depending on account for which replenishment was made - in euros or dollars.

Transfer limit for this method is 15.000 lei per day.

You can see the location map of all BPay terminals here.

Payment algorithm
  • Add the desired products to the “Shopping cart” by pressing “Add to cart” button on the product page.
  • Choose the products to pay in the Shopping cart, press “Pay”.
  • You will be proposed to use the aforementioned payment methods. Choose one of them.
  • Fill in the necessary fields, press “Confirm payment”.
  • In the fields, proposing to enter the address, you have to enter the billing-address your bank account is registered on.
  • After the previous procedure the products will be moved to Orders section.
When the payment is credited to my account?
The payment is credited to your account during one working day or at once, depending on the processing center.
What is the currency rate when paying?
  • To learn the currency rate of payment, access "My Profile" (at the top of the website), Currency converter section.
  • Choose the currency in the appropriate field, enter the needed amount and calculate the amount of another currency.
  • You will see the currency rate for today on the right.
Where can I check payment history?
All the operations, held from your account (debiting, crediting) are shown in your account in Payment history section (you can access it in the upper right side of the website).
What should I do if payment is not credited?
If the payment wasn’t credited during the working day, contact our Customer Support. To solve this issue, provide the following personal data:
  • account number
  • the payment method, chosen by you
  • the amount of money you credited
  • check from the terminal
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