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New provisions of the customs code

New provisions of the customs code
3 Jan 2024

Dear customers, we inform you about changes in the customs code. Please take this into account when ordering goods in online stores to avoid complications in the future.

- Customs clearance of parcels worth over 150 euros will be carried out through a broker. An individual who needs to pay customs duties must register with customs and create an account. The process of registration and customs clearance through a broker will be published after all errors in the customs system are eliminated.

- All perfumes, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages will be cleared from scratch through customs. The tax-free limit of 150 euros does not apply to these goods.

- This week all parcels will be delayed due to changes in the rules for importing parcels into the Republic of Moldova and due to the fact that new forms of receipts for individuals are not yet ready.

It may take up to 5 days to resolve the issue. As soon as everything gets better, we will inform you immediately.

Important addition: Import of used auto parts is allowed! We apologize, the previous version of the news about the ban on spare parts was based on outdated information from the website


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