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You can not order everything. List of goods that are prohibited to transport.

29 Oct 2019

We are sure that it would not occur to you to order the delivery of aerospace elements, ammunition or uranium ore. But, for example, not everyone knows that it is forbidden to transport hair dye, electronic cigarettes or green coffee in private mail. Even such harmless-looking things as bird feathers or magazines of erotic content fall under the ban!

If a prohibited product is found in your parcel at customs, you will either have to return it to the seller, paying for the delivery, or the product will be eliminated. Ignorance of the law, as you know, does not exempt from liability.

To prevent such incidents, we provide a list of goods prohibited from import.

From time to time, this list is updated and changed, therefore, if in doubt, it is better to play it safe and clarify delivery options with our employees before purchasing. Arm yourself with this knowledge and shopping will be stress-free)


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