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Purchases via our account

  • Recharge your BayShop account
  • Choose the product
  • We will buy it for you
  • The seller/the shop will send your product to our warehouse in his country
  • Begin forming the parcel
  • BayShop employees will register the parcel on the warehouse and will pack it
  • It will be sent to the address in Romania, specified by you
The order price is calculated, using the following formula:

product price + shipping by the seller's country + our commission + shipping to Romania

You will see the total price of your purchase in Shopping cart, in “Total” section.

  • You pay for the shipping to your country, according to the tariffs of the chosen method. You can learn more about all the methods and tariffs here.
  • The shipping price depends on the parcel weight. The approximate weight of goods can be found in the table.
  • You pay for all the additional services, according to BayShop tariffs.
You can calculate your order cost beforehand by yourself in Calculator section.
Search on eBay/Amazon
  • To find the product you are interested in on eBay or Amazon, choose “EBAY” or “AMAZON” for the relevant country below the product search box.
  • Enter the request into the search box.
  • Press “Search”.
  • You will see the products list, from which you can choose some.

The products list contains 3 categories:

  • The fixed price (the products with established price)
  • Auctions (the products with unestablished price, that are available on the auction; to purchase them, contact us )
  • All products (the list of all the products from the aforementioned categories)

Search in online shops

  • To find the product you are interested in at online shop, choose “Online shops” for the relevant country below the product search box.
  • Enter the request into the search box.
  • Press “Search”.
  • You will see the products list, from which you can choose some.
  • By pressing Online Shops button, you get in our catalog of the best online stores of the USA, the UK and Germany.
  • Choose one shop from the list below.
  • You can learn the detailed information about the shop on its page: the amount of orders via BayShop from this store, the price of the shipping by seller’s country, shop’s rating, its advantages, the list of the recently purchased goods and our customers’ comments.
  • You choose the desired product from the list, having accessed its page.
  • You get all the necessary information about it: the product ID, its state, the number of products in stock and the number of the sold products, the product price (and its price in lei, according to currency rates), the price of shipping by the seller’s country, the approximate date of delivery to the warehouse in the seller's country, the seller information (his name, rating and location). You will find the main product characteristics and its page on the online shop, where you can learn more about it, below.
  • You add it to the “Shopping cart” by pressing “Add to cart” button near the product price.
  • The product gets into Shopping cart section, where you can pay for it and continue the parcel forming.
We charge commission for the purchase of goods. The commission is 5% of the product price. The minimal commission is $2.99, the maximum is $399. BayShop commission is charged for the order from online store, for the communication with seller, also, for our control over the parcel delivery to the warehouse.
  • Pre-order - in the presence of this mark on the product page, you can place a preliminary order of it. You have to book the product in advance to but it later.
  • Out-of-stock – at the moment of order, the seller has no such product in stock or it’s not available for sale yet.
  • In stock – the product is available and the seller will send it to our warehouse. The pre-order can be placed several months before the shipping, so let us know, that you are ready to wait.
After you have added the products to the Shopping cart, we create a group of all the products from one shop automatically, and you will be able to pay for all the products at once. The shipping by the seller’s country and our commission (5% of the product price, not less than $2.99) are calculated for the entire group.
While the goods are unpaid and are situated in the relevant sections, you can make changes to the group of products. After you have paid for this group, you can’t change anything.
  • To add/delete products from the group, cancel all the group, while the products are not bought out yet.
  • When the formed group of products is in the purchase process already, the tick near the product will be unavailable.
  • This procedure can’t be canceled at this stage.
The order status can be tracked at the top of the website – in sections Shopping cart, Orders, Warehouse and Parcels.