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Parcel forming

Fill in the product name and its price in the customs declaration in the “Warehouse” section in order to create the parcel. Tick the parcel you want to create. Press the button “Create parcel” at the bottom of the page and proceed to parcel creation stages.

Step 1. Product list

The number of products, their cost and weight will be indicated here. Check this information.

Step 2. Delivery address

Choose the delivery address from the previously mentioned ones in “My personal data” section or add the new address. Press the button “To shipping method” on finishing.

Step 3. Shipping methods

Choose the shipping method. Learn the shipping cost for each method. We calculate the parcel shipping cost depending on its weight, size and shipping method. It can minimize after the parcel is repacked.

Step 4. Additional services

Parcel insurance

You choose whether to insure the parcel or not by ticking the corresponding field. The parcel insurance price is only 3% of the parcel and delivery cost. The minimum insurance amount is $3.

Additional package

Choose “Use additional packaging materials” in order to deliver the fragile goods.

Parcel retention at client request

Tick the phrase “Don't send the parcel until I tell you” in order to hold it at our warehouse. This service is often needed when several parcels for one client can be considered the commercial consignment by the Customs Service. We can hold the parcels at the warehouse and send them in the following parties. The amount of $15 will be withdrawn from your account for every 45 days of retention.

Door-to-door delivery

Order door-to-door shipping preliminarily and our courier will deliver the parcel to your address. Door-to-door delivery works for all the territory of the Republic of Moldova ($2 to Chisinau, $4 to other cities).

We will also inform you, if the total parcel cost exceeds the Customs limit, and will propose to divide it if possible.

Press the button “Confirm” to finish the parcel creation. You can return to previous stages and edit the parcel until you pressed it. So that your parcel will be formed. We will pack it and prepare for shipping.
We process your parcels at the warehouse in the US from Monday till Friday. The parcels aren't processed on Saturday and on Sunday, also during holidays.
  • Tick several products in the Warehouse section and press “Add to parcel”.
  • All the products will be united in the current parcel, until you send it to packing.
When products are delivered to our warehouse, you will be able to enter any addresses in Moldova for them to be shipped.
BayShop warehouse stuff use durable materials to pack your parcels, it’s for free.

When you order fragile products, you can order the additional packing:

  • The additional package price is $10.
  • You can choose the additional package on the parcel forming step in “Confirmation” section.
  • Tick the line “Use additional packaging materials”.
  • Press “Confirm” in order to finish the parcel forming.
  • When you purchase products with BayShop, they can be stored at our warehouse for free during 30 calendar days.
  • When you purchase them by yourselves, the storage period is 45 calendar days.
  • When the product is in the “Current parcel” section, it continues being stored at the warehouse and the parcel is considered unformed.
  • Enter all the necessary information and press “Pack” to form the parcel.
  • The parcel will be considered formed.
  • The formed parcel can be stored at our warehouse for free during 7 days.
  • The monthly payment will be charged after this term expiration.
  • Contact us , providing the information about parts the parcel should be divided into and each part contents.
  • We will register it and will transmit your wishes to the warehouse.
  • Parcel separation costs $5 per every new part.
  • The formed parcel can’t be changed.
  • We can disband the parcel and form a new one, when all the products will be returned to the warehouse.
  • Packed parcel disbanding costs $10 (+$5 per incoming parcel). Parcel disbanding before it was packed is free of charge. Contact Customer Support to disband the parcel.
  • Also, contact us, if you want to change the address and the shipping method.
  • Click on the cross on the left from the product ID in Parcels section.
  • The product will be returned to Warehouse section automatically.
  • Сlarify the delivery terms for the chosen method here.
  • Learn the parcel location via its tracking number.
  • Check your e-mail not to miss the mail notification, if the product is delivered by postal service of Moldova.