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The story of how an Amazon employee stole our packages

The story of how an Amazon employee stole our packages
16 Jun 2020

How could it happen that the parcel is marked as “Delivered” in the system, but it is not in stock? - Our warehouse in the USA and a client who ordered an Apple Watch 5 Gold Edition watch and 2 pairs of Air Pods Pro for Amazon were puzzled the other day.

The person received a notification from Amazon that the goods were delivered to the BayShop warehouse, but the goods did not arrive! We began to understand this incomprehensible situation, looked at the recording from CCTV cameras and that’s what turned out.

An Amazon courier drove up to the warehouse, stood for a couple of minutes, scanned the parcels, which automatically transferred them to the delivery status, and then, apparently, changed his mind to give the order and... left.

It was enough to compare the time on the video and the time of changing the status of the package so that everything fell into place. We sent this record to Amazon support and the client was reimbursed for lost purchases.

Unfortunately, such incidents, although rare, do occur — the reason Amazon hires couriers through the Amazon Flex program — these are usually private drivers in their cars, some of which are dishonest.

The main thing is that in the end the situation was resolved. Parcel tracking system, video surveillance system and a high level of employee responsibility - all this allows us to ensure maximum safety and security of your parcels.

P.S .: Situations with the absence of a parcel may arise for other reasons, for example, when 300-500 parcels are shipped from USPS at one time and the courier has delivered parcels, but not all. We already wrote what to do in such cases. Read, because even if such situations are extremely rare, it is better to be informed in advance!

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