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Conditions necessary for the speedy sending of parcels from Romania

 Conditions necessary for the speedy sending of parcels from Romania
26 Jun 2020

Dear Clients! Due to the fact that the export process from Romania is more complicated than from the USA, strict observance of the rules for processing the parcel is required.

We give you detailed instructions on what conditions must be met so that your package is sent as soon as possible.

  1. Fill out the declaration for sending
  2. Upload an invoice or order photo from the site
  3. Fill in the data to send
  4. Confirm the package

An invoice or order photo is needed for us to process the export of your goods from Romania to Moldova.


The invoice should clearly display the following information:

  • Name of purchased item
  • Total cost of goods
  • Number of goods
  • Seller information
  • Discount amount, if any
  • Sender
  • Payer of goods
  • Invoice number

Order photo

The following information should be clearly displayed on the order photo:

  • Recipient Name
  • Sender Data
  • List of products with prices
  • The total cost of the order

Very important:

  • The name of the recipient by invoice or order must match the name of the recipient of the parcel in Moldova
  • The amount and currency in the declaration (which you fill out on the parcel) must 100% match the total value of the loaded invoice

Please pay particular attention to the data filling process. Compliance with these rules will help to avoid problems and loss of time in the process of sending the parcel, and you will receive your purchases faster. Thank you for understanding!

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