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Door-to-door delivery

Receiving parcel at the warehouse
Your parcel will be delivered to the following warehouses, depending on the shipping method:
  • BayShop Air post - to our warehouse  (27 Mihai Viteazul Str)
  • USPS Priority Mail - to the district branch of Posta Moldovei
  • USPS Express Mail - to the district branch of Posta Moldovei
  • BayShop Road Express - to our warehouse (27 Mihai Viteazul Str)
  • Deutsche Post Standart - to the district branch of Posta Moldovei
  • Deutsche Post Express - to the district branch of Posta Moldovei
How to order door-to-door delivery to my address?
To order door-to-door delivery to your address, contact Customer Support:
  • contact us via Internal mail
  • contact us via skype - bayshopcom
  • or call us by 022999321, 068999321, 079888321
  • or contact us via Facebook

Door-to-door delivery by Chisinau costs $2, by Moldova - $4. Don’t forget, that it’s impossible to open the parcel in the presence of the courier. And, respectively, it’s impossible to record the product lack or damage. You will be able to do that, only if you receive the parcel at our warehouse.

Parcels with negative balance will not be sent to the courier for further delivery to the address specified by you. Payment for delivery must be made before sending the parcel (s) to the courier.

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