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Import rules

Requirements for correct registration of imports for a legal entity:

  • When adding new address you need to click “Company address”;

  • It is important to add full company address in field “Shipping address” (Field Name/Surname should be the legal name of the company);

  • If you used Mail Forwarding for ordering, important is to correctly declare mf package that came at our warehouse: copy and paste original product name, real ordered quantity and price for every position in declaration. If there is local shipping in USA, add this information as a separate position in declaration, name it “USA local delivery” and add price;

  • If you’ve made order by yourself, you need to ask the seller to add printed invoice;

  • If your company doesn’t have a broker, we can recommend you services of broker company we are cooperating with;

  • BayShop company is a transporting company, all issues with product import are resolved with brokers and customs inspector, we’ll help you with informational support.