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Order cancellation

  • If your product have been already purchased, but haven’t been sent by the seller, it’s possible to cancel the purchase.
  • We don’t refund the commission for our services in this case.
  • If your product have been already sent, it’s impossible to cancel the purchase.
  • If you still want to cancel the purchase, we’ll send the request on cancellation to the seller, when your product arrives to our warehouse.
  • The product will be returned to the seller, in accordance with his conditions.
  • You’ll have to pay for the product shipping back to the seller and for the return service - $10 (when purchasing via our account) or $15 (when purchasing individually).
  • Access Parcels section (at the top of the website).
  • Tick the product ID.
  • The system will automatically return it to Warehouse section.
  • The final decision on the return or change of product is made by the seller. It happens according to the seller’s conditions, who establishes the procedure, terms and compensation amount.
  • When you return the product to the seller, you pay for the shipping back.
  • You should pay for the order processing by BayShop staff, when we send your product. You can learn the tariffs for our services here
  • The purchase price will be returned to your account, as soon as the seller returns it.
  • If we find the product damage, lack, or the name mismatch at our warehouse without the product check, ordered preliminarily, it will be possible to return the product only if you pay for the discussion with seller.
  • The commission for our services isn’t returned, not depending on seller’s agreement to return the product.
  • Packed parcel disbanding costs $10 (+$5 per incoming parcel). Parcel disbanding before it was packed is free of charge.
  • If the additional package was used, its price won’t be refunded.