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Shipping from US stores with no cost limits!

Shipping from US stores with no cost limits!
13 Jun 2022

Friends, we invite you to take advantage of all the benefits of online shopping with reliable BayShop delivery:

  • Delivery of your purchases from the US takes 6-8 days from the date of dispatch. Shipping weekly.
  • There is no limit on the value of purchases. We deliver both high-value goods and commercial consignments.
  • There is no customs duty, except for 3% of the cost for customs clearance services.
  • Payment for purchases and services is made by Visa Mastercard (Russian cards are not accepted yet) and cryptocurrency. Shipping costs can be calculated using the calculator.
  • Buy as yourself, making delivery to the address of our warehouse in the United States. And with the help of our operators, using the service "Buy by link".

Enjoy quality items and electronics. With BayShop you have access to products from your favorite brand stores: Nike, Levi's, Converse, Michael Kors, Adidas, Disney and many more.

BayShop's reliable service will help you get everything you want quickly and at competitive rates.

If you are ordering for the first time, contact our operators by clicking on the Facebook icon below and we will tell you how to start the process of shopping in the USA.



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