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Purchase and shipping to warehouse

  • The shipping by the seller’s country abroad should be paid at the moment of purchase (or it’s free).
  • The shipping of the formed parcel from our warehouse to your address in Moldova is paid, when you form the parcel of the purchased products and pass it to delivery.
To learn the shipping price and calculate the total order price, use our Calculator.

You have to enter the following product information:

  • The recipient’s country
  • City
  • The product price (the price in lei will be shown next to it)
  • The price of shipping by the seller’s country (the price in lei will be shown next to it)
  • The product weight (if you don’t know it, use the Table of the approximate weight of products)
  • The volume (length, width and height of the parcel)
The approximate price of shipping to your country will be shown in the table bellow in the appropriate lines for every delivery method.Choose the suitable delivery method, having learnt the short decriptions of them: the delivery term, the presence of the tracking number, the presence of insurance, door-to-door shipping, the delivery price.

The total price of your parcel will be shown in the green field bellow:

product price + shipping by the seller's country + our commission + shipping to Ukraine
Incoming parcel is the parcel, arriving at our warehouse in the US. Outgoing parcel is the parcel, sent from our warehouse in the US to your address in Ukraine. The minimal cost of the outgoing parcel delivery depends on the number of the incoming parcels. It is calculated as follows: $2.99 for each incoming parcel. It means, if your outgoing parcel consists of three incoming parcels, the minimal delivery cost will be $8.9. This sum is charged, because the minimal processing of each incoming parcel at our warehouse abroad costs us $2.99.
Product purchase happens within 2 working days, we don’t purchase your goods on weekends and holidays. This term increases, when BayShop has too many orders, but we do all possible for the delivery to be carried out quickly.
Your product shipping to our warehouse in the seller’s country takes from 2 to 14 working days. Parcel forming and repackaging can take 48 hours (we don’t do that on weekends and holidays).
If you don’t pass the formed parcel to shipping at once, it can be stored at the warehouse for free during 7 days. After that, the monthly payment will be credited: $5+$1 (per kg of weight). After 30 days the payment for storage will be once again deducted from your BayShop account.
Parcels tracking is carried out by different methods that depend on the delivery method.
  • If you have chosen BayShop Air post or BayShop Air Freight delivery methods, you can track the parcel on the website Shiptor
  • If you have chosen DHL delivery method, you can track the parcel on the website DHL
  • If you have chosen USPS Priority Mail or USPS Express Mail delivery methods, you can track the parcel on the website USPS

It takes several days to update the information in the tracking system. The parcel dispatch date and the number of days in path are shown in Parcels section at the top of the website. The approximate delivery term is shown in the “Shipping” section.

It’s a rare case and it means, that the person, who liked this product too, paid for it faster. Replenish your account before you place the order, so we could purchase your products on time. If this happened, the order price will be returned to your account and you will be able to buy something else.