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Warehouse services

When the products are delivered to our warehouse, we register them up to 48 hours. Sometimes we need more time for that, if the number of parcels increases. It usually happens before holidays. But we do all possible to register and deliver your parcels faster.
There are two product photo options available in our service: photo pre-order and photo order.
You make the photo pre-order while adding the awaiting parcel to the warehouse, when your product hasn’t arrived to it yet. It means, this option is available only when using Mail Forwarding. You get 2 order photos for free and 6 additional photos for $2.
You request the photos, when the product has arrived to the warehouse. You get 2 photos for free and 6 additional photos, when paying $3.
  • When you order products checking at the warehouse, you allow to open the parcel and remove original package.
  • If we find the mismatches and defects, you will get the automatic notification with commentary about the defect/mismatch.
  • In the exceptional case we can add several pictures with defect, you will be able to see them in the Warehouse section at the top of our website.
We check:
  • If the product corresponds to the declared name
  • If the product corresponds to the description (appearance, accessories, equipment)
  • If the product works, when it’s switched on/off (electronics, household appliances, telephones)
We don’t check:
  • The product authenticity
  • The internal characteristics of the product
  • The efficiency/serviceability of the specific functions
  • The conformity of the components and software with the description
  • If some product elements don’t allow to switch it on/off, we don’t disassemble it
  • The usage tracks are allowed for the second-hand products, so we only check the conformity to the name
We’ll take the original packaging off and will repack your parcel in order to minimize the free space in it, thus minimizing its weight and shipping cost. The service costs $1.50.
We’ll pack the fragile goods in “box in a box” and they won’t be damaged. The service costs $5.
We’ll pull shoes out of the original box and will pack them in polyethylene, thus minimizing the parcel weight and volume, and you will pay less for the shipping. The service costs $2.